Monday, October 5, 2015

The names for cats - Boy cat names

Boy cat names

When buying a cat, it is important not only to think where he would sleep there, and with whom to play, but also to find good name. At first glance, a simple and fun activity sometimes turns into a real challenge for owners of cats. The guide the choice of the name? How to call a cat? Can you unleash the imagination, or is to confine standard options? If all these questions torment you, the information below will be helpful.

The names of cats may be very different - existing or fictitious. As a rule, the choice of the name is largely associated with the breed. The exotic cat, the more original look for the name of the owners. The most important thing - their euphony. The name should be such that you could easily repeat it several times.

Sometimes the owners until the last moment did not know they will get a girl or a boy. In such a situation to choose a nickname will not advance. And when the cat is already bought, time to think there is very little. There is a widespread belief that cats respond best to names that have hissing consonants. In fact, cats are perfectly perceive all the sounds and hissing they are often associated with negative emotions, the desire to criticize them...

To facilitate the selection, we have collected a variety of names of cats in one place. All of them are grouped together and are presented in alphabetical order. Get acquainted with the options, study the list and select the name that you think, as close as possible to your liking cat, his character, appearance. gives you recommendations on the choice of name for a boy cat, but the final choice is yours.

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